May 20, 2010

Robin Hood a boring, confusing mess

Very rarely is it that a movie bores as badly as Robin Hood did. I'm usually able to find something in the film that validates it in some way, such is not the case for Robin Hood. It is not the story of the Robin Hood we all know and love, though Ridley Scott thinks it is since he fails to explain anything. Instead, this 2 1/2 hour snooze fest is the prologue of Robin, how he came to be. I applaud Scott for taking a different and historically accurate approach to a story that has seen its share of remakes, but if you're going to do a new story, don't assume that everyone knows it. The plot line was confusing and the writing was meager at best. Storyline jumped from one event to the next with no transition or reason. Why is Robin fed up with his king? Why is France upset with England? Why are they so freaked out to return to England when it was their idea to return? Why is the French chick talking like Miss Cleo? I was able to piece facts together because I passed history in high school but don't assume everyone is as brilliant as me Scott. Dialog was painfully absent from this film and the dialog that was present was laced with badly performed accents. The English sounded Irish, the French sounded Russian, and everyone else sounded American. This film was a poor excuse for a movie and on top of that it was so long. Usually when films are tedious like this, they make up for it with really awesome action but such was not the case. There was 2 sad fight scenes, both lacking in good stuff. Save yourself the 8 bucks and rent Robin Hood: Men in Tights instead. At least that one has dance numbers.