Feb 21, 2011

Auburn poisoning affects fans everywhere

The news lately has been flooded with news of the poisoning of Auburn's historic Toomer's Corner. The trees located there are over 100 years old and the site of infamous student celebrations. The poisoning was so severe that the trees are likely to die, and the complete surrounding area is contaminated.

Now I am not an Auburn fan. My fiancee is an Alabama fan and so that's where my allegiances tend to lie. Perosnally, I don't even really like football. However, this heinous action absolutely disgusts me. First of all, it gives not just Alabama fans but all fans a bad name. Namely because the accused was not even a student. He was just a stupid, irresponsible fan, and it's fans like these that give all fans a bad name. These idiots have no direct link to the school yet vandalize opposing schools all in the name of pride. This is not pride! One man does not speak for all. The fans at Alabama should not be penalized for this man, and no retaliation should come to the school or students. The true fans, the ones that attend the school and support friendly competition DO NOT condone these actions.

Secondly, this action is not just vandfalizing the school, it's vandalizing the people whose hearts and souls are in that school. Those trees are a symbol of pride and history. If someone were to harm my lions or damage the historic fountain at UNA, I would be heartbroken. These things represent my pride in my school and the time I have spent at UNA.

The man that commited this crime deserves to truly pay for it. He has damaged not only the school, but the name of competition as a whole. Rivalries should be friendly and about the game. It's about bragging rights and talent, not petty crimes. Alabama is not responsible for his crimes just as Jesus is not responsible for the idiot Baptists that sully the funerals of our soldiers. One man's actions do not reflect a whole.


Feb 10, 2011

Amy Adams the only bright spot in The Fighter

I would say that I was mildly interested in seeing The Fighter. I'm all for a good feel good sports movie but not only was the movie so not feel good, it wasn't remotely good either. The Fighter was a long and painful drag through a half decent fighter's troubles.

First of all, I don't know why this movie was being made about Micky Ward. He was a fighter that in every fight got the crap pummeled out of him and then he rebounded. That's not a miracle story, that's just an idiot.

Second, I'm not really sure this movie was about him since it focused more on his AWFUL family. His crack head loser brother, his manipulative mother, and his trailer trash sisters. And he who was too stupid to know any better until his girlfriend forced him to.

Third, Amy Adams was the only good part about this movie. She was funny and probbly the only real comic relief in the movie, since you were really just laughing at how pathetic Christian Bale was. I'll say it, I laughed really hard when Amy Adams started beating the crap out of Micky's sisters. They had it coming the whole time.

This movie would have been so much better if it was about an hour shorter and actually focused on the fighter instead of his sad sack brother. Save the eight bucks and skip this one.