Mar 7, 2010

You'd have to be as mad as a hatter to like Alice in Wonderland which luckily, I am

Oh Tim Burton, you know me so well. I have been anxiously awaiting Alice in Wonderland ever since I heard Tim Burton was remaking it. It surprises me it took him this long to do it. And for as long as I've been waiting I would have been incredibly disappointed if it sucked, but Tim Burton knows what I like and delivered.
Unfortunately 75% of the viewing audience did not understand it AT ALL. I was the only one laughing! Seriously. If you are going to see a Tim Burton movie you have to expect that the humor is going to be in the macabre. If you don't understand Tim Burton then don't take up space. Seriously.
Back to the actual movie. The previews do not do it justice at all. Every character was so well portrayed and acted. It was refreshing not to see the same old take on the classic. Helena Bonham Carter was hilarious as the big headed Red Queen and Anne Hathaway while weird looking, was quite amusing as the White Queen. I don't think she once put her arms at her sides. Johnny Depp was of course awesome as the somewhat bipolar Mad Hatter. I have very little negative things to say about this movie.
Except one.
Dear Hollywood:
STOP WITH THE 3D! There was absolutely no need to make any of the movie in 3D. I get that it gives better graphics yada yada. But if you are one of the many visually challenged like me, you will only end up watching this movie cross-eyed! whoever had the idea to bring 3D back needs to be punched in the face. Somebody find that guy and punch him in the face for me. Then take a picture and send it to me.

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