Apr 7, 2010

Child Thief puts dark twist on old classic

Alright, I know I've been lazy and haven't posted in a month, but I'm pretty sure the only people that read this are my mom and my boyfriend so until someone proves me wrong I'm gonna be lazy. Now that that's out there

I recently read The Child Thief by Brom. One word, he's an artist, nuff said. It was recommended by a friend. The book is based upon the Peter Pan story but in this Peter Pan, Peter is an outsider shunned by both man and myth. Through a course of events he ends up in Avalon (Neverland) where he befriends the river queen or some such. Unfortunately he makes enemies with some bratty prince and is once again shunned. He is forced to live outside the queen's forest, blah blah blah. Somehow in all this mess, men enter Avalon and begin war with the creatures. Peter takes it upon himself to fight back, he travels to and from the real world rescuing runaways and the abused so as they can fight his war.
The plot is complicated at best. There are multiple story lines, including Peter, the prince he made enemies with, and Nick: a runaway he brought in. The book is violent at parts, profane where it isn't needed, and confusing all the way through.
Luckily my brain works quick and I was able to for the most part enjoy the book. I would most certainly not recommend this book to any ADD kids or those easily offended. However, if you are neither of the above and can handle multiple story lines and some things being not really explained you'll probably like this book.
It gives a great new perspective of Peter Pan and the imagery is great. Also, it has some beautiful illustrations as the author is an artist as well.
Read it if you like Peter Pan and in depth story lines.
Don;t read it if you get distracted easily or you really like the Disney Peter Pan.

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