May 5, 2011

Game of Thrones Promising thus far

Game of Thrones, an HBO series based on the best selling series by George R. R. Martin proves to be a promising and true depiction of the stories. Now I'm a novice when it comes to the books as I'm still working on the first book but from what I've watched so far and from waht I've seen, the producers seem to be giving it their best effort when it comes to reproducing the books.

From a production stand point, I'm impressed so far. All the stops have been pulled out when it comes to making a great show. Costumes are great, setting seems to be on location, and the script is well written. On top of that, the cast is great. Few if any are newcomers and most have a history of supberb acting. Even the kids do a good job and don;t come across too stiff or fake.

However, the show IS HBO, so there is plenty of nudity, gore, and violence. Some is expected as, from what I understand, the book is full of it. However, as HBO is wont to do, the aformentioned is in abundance. Children are not recomened to watch this show, nor should you play it at Easter lunch for the whole family as my father did. But I do say you should watch this show. It's interesting enough to keep anyone interested and true enough to keep fans happy.

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