Jan 17, 2010

It is born

Hello world or friends that actually clicked on the link I posted on facebook,
It was recommended to me by my advisor that if i want to be successful in the journalism world then I should blog, so here I am...blogging. I'm not just blogging about anything though. No, you will not come here everyday to hear that I had fish sticks for dinner or that the customers I deal with are morons- although they are- I am here to give you my humble opinion of, well, everything. If I read something new, see a new movie, hear new music, eat somewhere new, or any other action deemed worthy of an opinion I will post it. And what better to start with than a HORRIBLE book.
The book I am referring to is Marked by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast. "Gasp!" you say, "It's about vampires, so it therefore must be an award winning work of literature!"
WRONG! May I be the 87,000th person to say I am sick to death of this whole vampire crap. Come on! There are so many better things to write about. It's played out! But back to my critique.
I may have been a little more lenient of my scathing if the books was written for the target audience of which it comes across, but it is not. This book is clearly targeted to a demographic of 17-25 as there are sexual scenes, profanity, and some attempts at disturbing imagery. However it is written like an 11 year old preteen fan girl writing her first piece of fanfic instead of an experienced author and a journalism major daughter. The language is immature. The style is juvenile at best, and the lack of solidity in the writing drives me insane! Every three sentences are interrupted by the inane thoughts if the narrator that have no business being part of the book.
Now I will say the ending was more bearable than the beginning but just barely. The authors seemed to develop more of a rhythm and the text was interrupted far less but I can still not get over the idea that such shoddy material was the work of two grown women.
The only way I would ever recommend this book is if the only choices you had were Huckleberry Finn and this.
If you really want to read something about vampires, check out Dracula by Bram Stoker, The Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon, or Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore.

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