Jan 19, 2010

Leap Year pleasant at best

So last week my boyfriend and I went to see Leap Year after hearing numerous good things about it. All I can say is it was pleasant. I didn't hate it; I didn't love it.
Amy Adams was of course wonderful as Anna: a woman flying to Ireland on Leap Day to propose to her boyfriend who is apparently lacking in the balls to do it himself. She can't do much wrong to me and frankly she was probably the only reason I had interest in seeing it. Matthew Goode did a respectable job as the grouchy Irish man trying to save his bar by charging Anna 500 euros to take her to Dublin. He would have been much more enjoyable however clean shaven. All I could think the whole movie was SHAVE YOUR NASTY BEARD! but that's personal preference.
Overall the movie was predictable, as chick flicks are ought to be. The funniest moments were when the old Irish guys were arguing over superstitions.
The soundtrack however, was awesome and I applaud whoever was in charge of that.
Like I said, the movie was pleasant. I'd say rent it. It's not too sappy for the boyfriend to enjoy, mine did.

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